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Our Creative Services

Design options

Nine by Nine Mobile Website Design
New mobile friendly website design

Are you considering working with a Burnaby web hosting provider and have a mobile-friendly website created?
Many consumers communicate using mobile devices as the main source of learning, shopping and making purchases with businesses.
We will explain to you how our mobile friendly websites are simple, modern, effective and supported for the long-term of your business’ development.

Updated mobile friendly website design

Do you have an existing website but just need minor adjustments?
We will review your existing mobile friendly website hosting, domain, brand, and overall design within your free consultation, then you decide if this is right for you.
Some companies built their own site and only need simple updates. However, in many cases you may actually need a new website design, since new technology has come in, allowing us to build an up-to-date mobile friendly website for you.

Nine by Nine Brand and Logo Design

Many successful businesses have a great company name, but do they have a brand? For many small businesses, the answer is no.
A business name is different from a recognized brand. Strong brands like Nike, BMW or Apple have worked hard for their recognition.
We can do this for you by creating colors, fonts and key words in your marketing to look professional, be consistent and recognized easily to your clients.


Logos and brands go hand in hand.
Professionally designed logos have company-specific key words, icons, colors and fonts that are branded and exist in all of a companies marketing materials across the board.
Get in touch with us to learn how we can boost your brand and logo to the next level!

Nine by Nine Graphic Design
Online and print-ready designs

Graphic design offers an array of options, generally to help you promote your business online or via print mediums.
Email marketing, online fillable forms (PDF) or email signatures are designs offered for online use.
Business cards, posters, banners, magnets, clothing or pens are few examples of printable designs offered.
There are many more options and possibilities to match your time and budget, so let us know what creative ideas you have for your next project!

Nine by Nine Design Training and Support

Some businesses would like to learn a little more about Burnaby web hosting, mobile friendly websites and online marketing.
Nine by Nine Design offers WordPress training with all website packages and basic troubleshooting communication for any projects we are working on.
If that is not enough, let us know what you need – we want to help you learn as much as we can. The more you learn, the stronger we will be as a team to bring your business more results.


*Nine by Nine Lifetime Support includes troubleshooting and technical support to all the mobile-friendly websites we work on. This is indicated on your agreement form. Please read below for more details.
We are available to answer questions regarding Burnaby web hosting, websites, marketing, or graphic designs anytime at no charge.

*Nine by Nine Lifetime Support includes technical support, 24/7 email and text message support, troubleshooting with any related services and minor website updates such as text corrections, title changes, link updates but not large changes such as image alteration or web page/section complete changes This implies complex design work may incur fees. It applies to websites listed on Nine by Nine Design contracts or invoices.

Book your free 30-minute marketing evaluation

Enjoy a 30-minute Q & A with powerful marketing questions that will educate and empower you.

Boost your marketing and sales instantly.

Get expert marketing advice about your business from Nine by Nine Design!

You are also encouraged to ask questions about Burnaby web hosting, mobile friendly websites, design, marketing and support.

We are excited to meet you to see if there is a fit between our businesses.

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